The Deleard School

It has been said: “it takes a village to raise a child”. But, what happens to a village that no longer has children because they no longer recognize it as their own?


The Déléard School is a project that not only articulates the sense of belonging but also and above all recognition of the responsibility of children to the village. The project aims to develop a civic education through the acquisition of modern knowledge in a “native” cultural framework of the young people.

The program is consistent with the curriculum of the Ministry of National Education of Haiti and is divided into sections: kindergarten, fundamental grades, an introduction to agriculture to develop land attachment.

visual and auditory discrimination
body diagram
fruits and vegetables
the meaning
the senses
geometric shapes

Fundamental grades :
(1st to 6th – CP1 CM2)
mastery of french language
mastery of creole language
social studies
experimental sciences and technology
visual arts
physical education and sports

The Region
Somewhere in the mountains of Haiti, is a small village called Déléard. It has neither infrastructure: roads, electricity, telephone, water or medical facilities, or industrial activity. It’s like nowhere! Over sixty thousand people live there in a traditional form of social organization.

Walk in the village occasionally and you will encounter children going about their daily chores:

fetching water from the source far from their homes for daily water drinking
participation to subsistence farming in dry land
herding animals on dry pastures


Haitian Hero

Hello Friends,

Thank you for your continued interest in HUFH. Please take a look our sister website at for what we have been busy with. Stay tuned for an update about our school in Deleard Haiti.


Jimmy Jean-Louis

An urgent appeal to save our school


I hope you can help me save the school.

My non-profit (Hollywood Unites For Haiti) built a school in Haiti after the devastating earthquake 4 years ago and we’ve been able to give free education and one hot meal to the 135 kids for the past 4 years. The school is located in a remote village up in the mountain where there is no electricity or running water.

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from our main donor saying that they will stop funding because they are facing financial problems.

– 8 teachers and 2 cooks expect a monthly salary until the end of the school year.
– 135 kids live for that education and specially for the daily free meal.
– Parents of the students are proud to have a generation of educated kids capable to bring a real change in the village in the near future.

I sometimes think about shutting everything up just so I could concentrate just on myself. Then I think about the hundreds/thousands of people who benefit from the works we do out there. I can not give up on them.

I truly believe that it is worth to invest on those kids, without education there will never be any change. I urgently need your help to keep the school open.

You could give a small monthly donation (10$, 20$, 40$…..) to cover 1 Student monthly education.

I thank you in advance.

Go to for donation, you will get a receipt in return for your taxes.

Spread the word to other friends who might be able to help.

One love.

The Heart of HUFH’s School

Dear Friends,

Last week I escorted a team of surgeons from the Heart Fund to Haiti. They carried out open heart surgery on ten children, it was an incredible experience to witness, we can truly say we looked into their hearts and changed their lives!






Members of the Heart Fund, as well as Nadia Cherrouk and Nathalie Liautaud of PADF accompanied me to HUFHs school in Cadet, Haiti. As usual it was a long arduous journey with the usual flat tire and bumpy roads. Those who were there for the first time were surprised to find a modern school in such a remote place, even I was impressed with the changes since my last visit. We have a new building! Two new classrooms and 45 new students! It was seeing the familiar young faces which really touched me though, they’ve grown wiser, are happy, serious and focused.

We delivered 6 new ASUS computers and loads of toys, books and videos donated by Luc Besson Association.





I met with the parent teacher association, led by a parent who has 7 children at the school, and encouraged them to get involved and work on creating a much needed playground. That’s their homework over the coming months, ours is to keep a place in our hearts for these kids this holiday season and ensure the school continues to thrive.





Child’s monthly education $8

Teacher’s monthly salary $200

The annual budget for the school is less than $40 000

Please support us however you can!

Bonne Fetes,

Jimmy Jean-Louis

Primary School of Cadet: Cafeteria is Operational

Los Angeles, CA — December 1, 2011 – During my recent trip to Haiti, I took a group of friends to visit the school in Cadet. We were all very impressed by the school and recently built cafeteria. It was clear that the work hadn’t been easy. The roads are unpaved and telephone service is sporadic. However due to the tenacity and hard work of our local team HUFH will serve students a hot meal everyday.

I will send a video of the children’s reaction soon, so you can see how grateful and excited they are for your generosity.

The Mother Theresa Foundation and all our supporters are truly making a difference in these children’s lives.

HUFH needs your support to :
— Build a well to exploit the natural water resources near the school.
— Establish an agro-business to support the school.
— Complete the school buildings.


Thank you for your continued support!

Sincerely, Jimmy Jean-Louis