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Jimmy Jean-Louis maintains, "It's not enough to keep band-aiding this - my - poorest of countries every few years in the worst of times. We need to keep a long term focus on the plight of the Haitian people until our goals are accomplished. Please pledge to keep Haiti for front in your thoughts not just now but in the coming weeks, months and years. Donate to HUFH relief fund."

Hollywood Unites For Haiti is a non profit charitable aid organization that puts 100% of the donations it receives directly into the cause of helping Haitian citizens and raising global awareness of ways in which people can help.

Hollywood Unites For Haiti is currently focusing on providing support for victims of the earthquake and accepting donations for this purpose. Please use the donation button below for financial support (or you can send a check), or contact us about other types of donations. We will make sure your contribution goes quickly to where it is needed most!

Your donation will purchase:
• Shelter kits with tents, tarps, water purification tables and more
• Emergency relief supplies
• Food
• Medical supplies
• Family tool kits, including shovels
• Telecommunications equipment

About $25,000 is enough to buy shelter for almost 500 people.

Donate specific products:
• Manufacturers of specialized products, such as medicines, medical supplies, and sleeping bags

Hollywood Unites for Haiti has now launched a special campaign to raise funds for the infrastructural rebuilding efforts that will be necessary in the coming months and years.

HUFH is also working alongside PADF to make sure the victims of the earthquake receive the right relief as soon as possible. To donate by phone, call this toll free number: (877) 572-4484


Your donations will be used to purchase equipment and supplies, ship donations to Haiti, and rebuild facilities.

Money given to HUFH will be used for immediate relief for the victims of the earthquake. We will also work on long term plans to provide lasting structure for the most vulnerable, the children. They will need shelter, food, and education.

Checks can be mailed to:

Hollywood Unites For Haiti
5338 Hillcrest Drive
Los Angeles, California 90043


All donations to HUFH are tax deductible as per local tax laws.


Special Focus Project


If you can help, please contact us through the Contribute page.
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