The Deleard School

It has been said: “it takes a village to raise a child”. But, what happens to a village that no longer has children because they no longer recognize it as their own?


The Déléard School is a project that not only articulates the sense of belonging but also and above all recognition of the responsibility of children to the village. The project aims to develop a civic education through the acquisition of modern knowledge in a “native” cultural framework of the young people.

The program is consistent with the curriculum of the Ministry of National Education of Haiti and is divided into sections: kindergarten, fundamental grades, an introduction to agriculture to develop land attachment.

visual and auditory discrimination
body diagram
fruits and vegetables
the meaning
the senses
geometric shapes

Fundamental grades :
(1st to 6th – CP1 CM2)
mastery of french language
mastery of creole language
social studies
experimental sciences and technology
visual arts
physical education and sports

The Region
Somewhere in the mountains of Haiti, is a small village called Déléard. It has neither infrastructure: roads, electricity, telephone, water or medical facilities, or industrial activity. It’s like nowhere! Over sixty thousand people live there in a traditional form of social organization.

Walk in the village occasionally and you will encounter children going about their daily chores:

fetching water from the source far from their homes for daily water drinking
participation to subsistence farming in dry land
herding animals on dry pastures