An urgent appeal to save our school


I hope you can help me save the school.

My non-profit (Hollywood Unites For Haiti) built a school in Haiti after the devastating earthquake 4 years ago and we’ve been able to give free education and one hot meal to the 135 kids for the past 4 years. The school is located in a remote village up in the mountain where there is no electricity or running water.

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from our main donor saying that they will stop funding because they are facing financial problems.

– 8 teachers and 2 cooks expect a monthly salary until the end of the school year.
– 135 kids live for that education and specially for the daily free meal.
– Parents of the students are proud to have a generation of educated kids capable to bring a real change in the village in the near future.

I sometimes think about shutting everything up just so I could concentrate just on myself. Then I think about the hundreds/thousands of people who benefit from the works we do out there. I can not give up on them.

I truly believe that it is worth to invest on those kids, without education there will never be any change. I urgently need your help to keep the school open.

You could give a small monthly donation (10$, 20$, 40$…..) to cover 1 Student monthly education.

I thank you in advance.

Go to for donation, you will get a receipt in return for your taxes.

Spread the word to other friends who might be able to help.

One love.