Cadet Primary: School and a Hot Meal

Cadet, Haiti — November 1, 2011 – There is a little village that has no existing infrastructure: no roads, no electricity, no telephone, no drinking water, no medical facilities, no economical activities. It’s like nowhere. More than sixty thousand people live there in absolute misery.

Walking in the village, from time to time, you meet some of the kids doing their daily activities and chores such as: fetching water for their families, helping the family to grow whatever food they can on the dry land, going to pasture lands to take care of animals.

Their Hardship was compounded by the earthquake in January 2010. Hollywood Unites for Haiti used your donations to begin rebuilding a primary school in the region. School is definitely an excellent tool for the children’s future, however it is difficult to learn on an empty stomach. We are so grateful to the Mother Theresa Foundation who have kindly offered to help feed the children. Since July we have been using this donation to first build the infrastructure of the cafeteria, the kitchen and a storage room to stock the food for the month.

We need your help to continue!

Jesula is enrolled in the school, but hasn’t attended because her mother couldn’t afford to make the school uniform. She says all their money goes towards food. Asked what services would be welcomed in the community she said, clean water and a health clinic. (the closest is 20 km away)

As you can see a lot needs to be done to improve the lives of the children in this region. HUFH can barely afford to pay the teacher’s salaries, let alone hope to provide clean water or a health clinic. There is a village looking at the work we have done and hoping we will continue.

Can you help?

We need to raise funds to guarantee that the school remains open to the end of the school year.

So far one building has been completed and the cafeteria is almost built. To fully accommodate the children in the region we still need to construct one more building.

We also need to develop the water source to the village.